Report Hub

Report Hub helps financial institutions comply with regulatory requirements for FATCA and CRS. We built Report Hub as an internal product based on demand for various of our customers who operate across the financial sector.


Provide reliable and straightforward technology to enable the organisation to comply with these regulatory requirements. As a time-consuming process, Report Hub needed to implement a manual and automatic process to generate these reports, optimised to its full potential. Create product branding and a user-friendly interface to resonate with the target audience.


  • Develop a web application which enables organisation upload and produce reports for all European (CRS) and American (FATCA) jurisdictions.
  • Develop mechanism to automatically transmit data to relevant tax authorities when reporting is due.
  • Develop an API which enables financial institutions to automatically report customer data and transmit when due to the relevant tax authority./li>


  • 0 Financial institutions

  • 0 Entities reported

  • 0% Faster than previous process

Stage one of this project was completed within 8 weeks featuring a brand new web application with a clean and modern user interface together with a backend engine responsible for producing reports for various jurisdictions. The pragmatic (automatic) process of feeding entity’s data via the customer API reduced the need to prepare for this compliance as an automated process - saving resources and time.

Technology stack

  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL

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