Report Hub

Report Hub assists financial institutions to comply with regulatory requirements for FATCA and CRS. The platform provides multiple channels to input data manually and programmatically in order to create reports that can be submitted to the corresponding regulatory jurisdiction.


Changes in the regulatory landscape resulted in financial institutions having to adopt and introduce a new process which involves reporting their customers to tax authorities. These financial institutions required a platform to enable them to submit their customer data and prepare a report for each jurisdiction using a format defined by the given tax authority.


  • Develop a web application (UI) to enable organisations to prepare reporting data by uploading a file or inputting manually using a form.
  • Develop an API to enable integration with third-party systems with the objective to automate reporting data.
  • Develop the core reporting module reponsible for generating reports for various tax authorities using the data inputted or uploaded.


  • 0 Financial institutions

  • 0 Entities reported

  • 0% Faster than previous process

Stage one of this project was completed within twelve weeks and included a brand new web application with a clean and modern user interface. Organisations of various sizes were able to comply with these new regulatory procedures by using Report Hub.

Technology stack

  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL

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