Crederia is a lead generator startup providing a variety of loans to European consumers across countries including Spain, Poland and Czech Republic. They capture consumer data and match this with an adequate lender, based on specific preferences and lender requirements.


Crederia required reliable and scalable technology to distribute leads across various verticals, countries and lenders. Equally, they were searching for a fresh corporate identity makeover with a new design optimised across various devices - resonating with target audiences. The company required an infrastructure design which enables the software to be distributed and fault-tolerant due to a very high volume environment.


  • Develop front facing APIs to accept leads from website and partners.
  • Develop a backend lead distribution engine responsible for routing leads to the adequate vendor.
  • Develop an administrative interface to manage lenders, routing logic and various forms of reporting and business intelligence.


  • 0 Processed within 6 months

  • 0% Conversion rate

  • 0 Different lenders

Stage one of the project was complete within 6 weeks including new branding, a fully updated website and a brand new lead distribution engine. Within just 6 months, Crederia processed over 250,000 with an average conversion rate of 45% from consumers who landed on their website. Within 9 months Crederia successfully expanded into Spain, Poland and Czech Republic integrating with over 50 different lenders.

Technology stack

  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ


Layertech developed a custom lead distribution system which is the core of our business operation. The end-result exceeded our expectations and has proven to be a stable piece of software. Their ongoing commitment and support enables us to focus on what we do best - generating leads.

James Hewitt (Crederia / Quantoro LTD)

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