Bentley is a market place for businesses to purchase fresh, accurate and targetted consumer data. Organisations can also broadcast marketing messages through various channels using the simple web service.


Bentley required a cloud based solution which could service their customers and suppliers. The customers would use the platform to purchase leads using an online payment facility. The solution should also enable customers to broadcast their messages through Email and SMS. On the other hand, suppliers require an interface to track commissions and submit consumer data to the platform.


  • Develop a cloud based web application to service cutomers and suppliers.
  • Develop a database warehousing solution to house data efficiently and create endpoints (API) for suppliers to submit data automatically.
  • Develop a scalable and high-volume backend broadcasting modules to promote offers via Email and SMS.


  • 0 Leads For Sale (First Month)

  • 0 Leads Purchased (First Month)

  • 0 Data Suppliers Integrated

The project was developed, tested, deployed and fully operational within 8 weeks. The cloud based application is distributed across various virtual private servers. The platform is also integrated to various SMS and Email gateways in order to promote redudancy and provide a service with high availability.

The platform enables customers to sign up, purchase leads using their credit or debit card and broadcast their marketing messages through the same interface. Suppliers can also track commissions and upload new data for sale.

Technology stack

  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ

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