Develop Software with a Contractor or a Firm?

Bespoke software can be developed by a contractor or a software development firm. We’ve put together this article which highlights some points you should consider during your decision-making process.


Choosing to work with contractors has several advantages —  you have access to a wide range of talent and a range of budgets available. Regardless of how high or low your budget is, you will be able to find someone to work with. However, building software is complex and involves several layers, for example, with cloud based applications development is split into back-end, front-end, infrastructure and quality assurance. Do you think someone willing to do a job at a fraction of a price will be able to handle all these areas competently?

Contractors that charge a higher rate do so for a reason and we recommend going down this route. In the long run, it will save you time, money and countless days of stress as an experienced contractor will be able to deliver a project with fewer hiccups.

In general, contractors are experts in a particular field or niche — therefore, it would be tactical to hire a contractor to develop a specific solution or work with a certain set of technologies in which they have some commercial experience.

Software Development Firms

The price tag of software development through a software development firm comes with a premium, but this premium also comes with many benefits which are guaranteed to deliver value.

A software development firm is equipped with a team of developers; as a result, you will gain access to a wider range of talent and a broader set of skills which is ideal for complex projects. Since a larger talent pool is available resources can be allocated to areas which they specialise in which results in a higher quality end product.

Availability for future collaboration is essential as bespoke software requires maintenance. Choosing to work with a software development firm will immediately eliminate this risk as most software development firms will be keen to handle your future requirements and assist your business in moving forward.

Finally, reliability is also another important factor  —  with the right software development firm you can count on delivery schedules being satisfied due to an abundance of resources to step in when required.


There are some important considerations to take into account based on the above and your decision will ultimately depend on your budget and circumstances. It is important to note that bespoke software is the core of your business operation, it is essential you get this right the first time. The most successful startups and companies tend to use reputed software development firms or hire their talent — which comes at a greater price tag.